Available on Amazon!

We are happy to announce that nudeartzines are now available also on Amazon

Printed by Amazon

We just received a copy printed by Amazon and the print quality meet our standards.

The only drawback is that we miss the volume number and the artist name on the spine.

Anyways we think this is not a big issue as Amazon price is cheaper than before and you get the copy much quicker – sometimes even with Amazon Prime!

Start your collection today, the following volumes are available on Amazon right now:

When selling trough Amazon our earnings is even thinner than before, for each copy you buy we earn just few cents. But we created this project to spread photography on paper so we do not care that much.

Since every now and then we also have to eat and there is a lot of work to do in order to keep this project running, to get an extra compensation all links to Amazon in this site are affiliate links.

This mean that when you purchase by following one of these links, we receive a small affiliate commission. The price you pay is the same if you use our affiliate link or not: the only difference is that we get an extra small percentage that helps us in keeping this project alive – Thank you for supporting us!


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