Frequently Asked Questions

Image of Veronica

Image of Veronica


Do I have to pay anything for publication?

No! You submit your best images and, if they strike us, we will publish them on the first available issue.
Moreover you will get a complimentary printed copy sent to your home/studio address.
If you like to buy some copies to distribute by yourselves, you will be able to buy them at a discounted price.

What is the deadline to submit my images?

We do everything with Love and with the greatest possible professionalism — that’s why we better like to wait and receive a well-curated series from the start which, among other things, makes it easier for us to do the work that comes next.

Do I loose my copyright?

Absolutely NO!
The copyright of the images is and will always be yours. We have the copyright on the project that includes the magazine layout and concept.

Will you sell PDF versions of the magazine?

No: the overall idea is to promote photography in print, so it will no make sense to ditribute the magazine in an electronic format.

What is pornography for you?

We think Wikipedia definition fits really well: “Pornography (oftern shortened to porn) is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.”

Interesting idea! Can you show any example of how the magazine looks like?

Sure! You can see inside the published issues on the Catalog page.
We will updage the page when we are ready to publish more issues.

Ehi are you looking for people to give you their work? Hmm

We ask for the authorization to publish some of their images in the magazine in a non-exclusive way.

On our side we put a lot of work to organize all the acivities related to the magazine and to actually prepare each issue. Also, we promote all contributors on our socials and on the official web site.

We follow a kind of open-source philosophy where everyone is contributing to a better future for the others.
Karma will payback once we have done enough.

As a matter of fact, since we started working on this project, we all learned new things.

How can I stay updated about all your activities?

Of course! There are several ways so stay in the loop: you can subscribe our newsletter, follow us on Flickr and/or Instagram, join our channel on Telegram.

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