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We are a goup of people that think that photography should be enjoied on paper rather than on a screen.

This is a young project, just started on February, 2021 – so we decided it was best to reflect it on our about page :-)

Image of Ugo Grandolini

Ugo Grandolini

Project Manager

I am an Italian photographer, currently working on the lake of Como and, sometimes, around the world.

Known for my artistic nudes images, at the beginning of 2021 I started this project/magazine to promote photography in its noblest form: print.

My duties at Nudeartzine include: scouting for photographers, curate their body of work for the magazine, prepare the layout.

You can chat with me on Telegram.

Image of Giada Locatelli

Giada Locatelli

Editor, scouting, curator

I studied art and cultivated my passion independently. Interested in art in a polyvalent way, I keep exploring and creating.

I am currently collaborating with various artists mainly in the fields of music and photography.
With a firm believe in the nudeartzine’s initiative to bring printed photography back to life, I collaborate as an editor, scouting for photographers and editing some of their portfolios; I also assist Ugo with the social profiles of this energising project.

Image of Marcela Ferix

Marcela Ferix


I am a sentient being with an university degree on Mass Communication & Journalism. I worked for several years in the music industry and other fields, before becoming a Shiatsu therapist and a devoted yoga practitioner.

I am currently collaborating with Nudeartzine by doing some translations.