Printed by Amazon

Printed by Amazon



The project started on February 2021.

At a certain point in my travels in the world of photography, I realized that images must be consumed as prints rather than in a digital format.

You should know that I always have the “urge” to help others. So, by helping the diffusion of photography on paper, I somehow fulfill that urge helping other apprentice photographers like me to realize that digital is fine but, to really understand a photo, it must be printed.

Created to inspire, all nudeartzine publications are self-published and available on Amazon; each publication is printed on-demand to keep the price as low as possible and to avoid production waste. We think Mother Nature must always be taken into consideration, no matter what we do or which goals we are pursuing.

We were a team of three at the beginning of this project, but unfortunately after some time, one of us couldn’t allocate more time to it, so now we are just two: my wife and me.

2021 – The first year

During the first year, we tested different print-on-demand platforms to find out which one was best suited to our needs allowing us to produce good quality publications that can be offered at an affordable price.

Cover of the +1 zine: volume #00
Cover of the +1 zine: volume #00

Volume #00 was the +1 issue – or the pilot ad they say on TV. It includes my own images and was created to both start learning how to use a publishing software as well as to create the layout that was used as a template for all the other issues.

After the +1, we created a series of 30 additional “zines”: each one is a monograph dedicated to one photographer – including amateurs and professionals from all around the world. In this series images are usually cropped for best results in the magazine layout rather than presented as the author created them. I also create images, at least I try to, and I know how important is the composition, so I asked each photographer to approve my cuts before publishing and some authors really liked them!

Covers of the first 30 zines
Covers of the first 30 zines

Each of the initial 30+1 volumes are paperback with a size of 17×25 cm (7×10 in), 40 pages and a retail price of 8,50 Euro (about 10 USD) – shipping included for Amazon Prime customers.

2022 – The second year

Creating a series like the one on 2021, ended up being a very time-consuming task and because I am always creating new projects that also need time, keeping up the same pace for the “zines” seemed unlikely to achieve.

However, being able to interact with other photographers beside the usual exchange of “likes” is also a great way to grow, so I decided to keep the nudeartzine project alive, at least for another year.

The first publication is a “collective exhibition” of the best images submitted to our “nudeartzine get noticed!” group on Flickr.

Best of 2021 book cover © Michael Biczo
Best of 2021 book cover © Michael Biczo

The result is a massive 228 pages book with 175 images created by 37 photographers from 12 different countries!

What can you expect in 2022

Generally speaking, this year we will be publishing less books, although each book will include more pages. They will be offered in hardcover edition and the space on the pages will be presented as “walls in an art gallery” rather than pages in a magazine.

Also, potential candidates for this year’s publications are all those photographers that work almost exclusively with the same muse: their models are usually their wives or fiancée. We also love self-portraiture nude art so, if you produce nude art and fall in such categories, we are definitely willing to have a look at your work.

It will be inspiring to see what can be done by working for a long period of time with the same model or as a self-portrait nude art photographer.

It doesn’t matter if you are on Flickr or not, it also doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional: all it matters is that your images tell us something, touch our hearts.

The future of nudeartzine

Who can really talk about future in the long term when we are living such a dazzled era?

Anyways, as the project name states, we are looking for artistic nude imagery that aim to be art.

So, if you create nude art the best way to get our attention is to submit your images in our “nudeartzine get noticed!” public group – you need a free Flickr account to be able to browse the content and join the group.

If you are not on Flickr, send us an email with a link to your website/portfolio – please consider to open a free account on Flickr, it is a truly open-minded platform with no censorship.

Before submitting

Remember NO porn, NO exhibitionism, nothing that anybody can produce just shooting.

We are looking for images created in a way that can be defined as “nude art”. All images submitted to the group are moderated and, if allowed in the group, are possible candidates to be published on paper.

We like to work in relax and with no deadlines: every time we are ready with a publication we publish it.
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