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Welcome to nudeartzine

We believe that nude is not porn and that anyone should be able to publish her/his images without any censorship.

Created to inspire, nudeartzine is a self-published print on-demand magazine where the space is dedicated to images rather than text.

By printing on-demand we aim to keep the price of the magazine at its most inexpensive possible.

This project just started (February 2021), we are not doing it for money but to promoting photography in its noblest form: printed, as we are convinced that’s how this form of art should be enjoyed.

We are now looking for nude imagery that aims to be artwork.

Unlike other magazines we have no deadlines for publication: every time we are ready with an issue we publish it. On average, we hope to publish at least one or two issues every month, anyways we will not publish more than 3 issues per month.

In general, we prefer to publish issues dedicated to a single photographer or at the most, a couple.

If you feel that your images can fit in nudeartzine, please email us with a link to your website or submit your work trough our submission page.

The project

We live in a society where photos are mostly viewed on a screen – sometimes even a very small one. We believe this is a big limitation which prevents photography from fully expressing itself as an art form.

The opportunity to offer series of images printed on paper through a low-cost magazine, is our way to promote and support the culture of printed photography, an ideal that we see as attainable even in times of technology, or perhaps because of it.

To keep the price at its lowest and avoid production waste, the magazine size is 15×23 cm (6×9 in), 40 pages per issue and with a retail price of 7,70 Euro – plus a very reasonable shipping fee, and it is printed on demand – meaning it is printed only after the order has been placed.


Every issue will feature the work of only one photographer — you do not need to be a professional as long as your images have an artistic purpose.

As the magazine name states, we are looking for artistic nude imagery that aim to be art.

So don’t be shy, send us your images and if they strike us or we think they can inspire other people, your work will most likely be published.

ALL published photographers will receive a complementary printed copy of the magazine.

Also, they will be able to buy copies of the magazine at a discounted price.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Video of the first print test

Preview of Volume 0 first print test
Preview of Volume 0 first print test