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Here is the catalog of all nudeartzine volumes – some of them are already published, some are already planned and will be released soon.

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Alessandro Mogno

Volume 1

Alessandro Mogno is a living example of my concept of Black & White – in fact he confided me that his missing eye allows him to “see” himself in a different, deeper and ethereal way.

At age fourteen he is involved in a car accident that keeps him between life and death for five days and deprives him of one eye.

This book is dedicated to his work and presents a series of images from his “catarsi” as well as other projects he his developing.

Ugo Grandolini

Volume 0

Volume 0 is a test we made with some of my images just to double check how the layout looks on paper, choose the paper itself as well as another series of variables we had to face for the magazine.

Here I present artistic nude, fine art, images created in 2020 with six different, beautiful, women.

Most of the photographs are taken in a forrest and on the shores of Lake of Como (Italy), some of them in an apartment I use as studio.