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Ugo Grandolini

Volume 0

Volume 0 is a test we made with some of my images just to double check how the layout looks on paper, choose the paper itself as well as another series of variables we had to face for the magazine.

Here I present artistic nude, fine art, images created in 2020 with six different, beautiful, women.

Most of the photographs are taken in a forrest and on the shores of Lake of Como (Italy), some of them in an apartment I use as studio.

Alessandro Mogno

Volume 1

Alessandro Mogno is a living example of my concept of Black & White — in fact he confided me that his missing eye allows him to “see” himself in a different, deeper and ethereal way.

At age fourteen he is involved in a car accident that keeps him between life and death for five days and deprives him of one eye.

This book is dedicated to his work and presents a series of images from his “catarsi” as well as other projects he his developing.

Michal Köpping

Volume 2

A series of artistic nude and sensual photographs by Czech’s photographer Michal Köpping.

Paul Veron

Volume 3

Here we present photographs by Paul Veron (Amazilia): in his nudes there is a clear recognition of the power of the female body.

Bogdan Bousca

Volume 4

In this volume we present the work of Bogdan Bouş?că. The images are from “Narrative Nude” photographic event, “ALIEN” edition, which took place in Bucharest / Romania in January 2021.

Raul Diaz

Volume 5

In this edition, we introduce you to a Polaroid master: Raul Rodrigo Diaz, better known as RRRDIAZ.
Check out the art of Raul as sometimes he even goes beyond the very confines of the ’simple’ Polaroid and uses to his advantage the defects of expired films, as shown on pages 28, 30, and 31!

Ekaterina Yakyamseva

Volume 6

In this volume we present images from Russian photographer Ekaterina Yakyamseva.
These are all self-portrait and are a selection from these series:

"Moth” series — produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, November 2019
"Glaub Mir Kein Wort” series — produced Stockholm, Sweden, Winter 2020
"MILK” series — produced in Stockholm, Sweden, Winter 2020

Anton Novozhilob

Volume 7

In this volume we present images from Estonian photographer Gobotoru (Anton Novozhilov).
In 2003 Anton joined the world of digital photography and started to manipulate shots with Photoshop. The next year he achieved recognition at Estonian photo contests in different nominees as creative photography and best digital photography.

If you like surreal art this boo is for you.

Ray Rapkerg

Volume 8

In this volume we present breathtaking nude art from New Zealand’s photographer Ray Rapkerg.
Ray has been working for over 30 years producing fashion and nude art.

Pascal Chapuis

Volume 9

In this volume we present the sensual images by French photographer Pascal Chapuis.
We love the delicate taste of this amateur photographer that started to take portraits and is not specialised in nude.

Bruce Walker

Volume 10

In this volume we present the work of US photographer Bruce Walker.
Bruce’s signature is both delicate and aggressive, basically like women are, surely those he portrays in these home-like and spontaneous situations, as well as those carefully designed and studio-produced situations.

Dwayne Martin

Volume 11

In this volume we present the splendid images by US photographer Dwayne Martin.
All Dwayne’s images are taken using analog cameras.

Adalberto Zanella

Volume 12

In this volume we present the artistic images by Italian photographer Adalberto Zanella also known as Zadal.
Zadal, which likes to appear in some of his images, will take you to a phantasy world where everything is possible.

Daniel M Katz

Volume 13

In this volume we present the splendid under water images by US photographer Dan Katz.

Dan approached the due detachment between photographer and model in the right way, managing to study and deepen the mutation of the body inside a clear liquid, bypassing the issue of distances with an excellent underwater work by both the photographer and the models with their graceful poses.

Dave Earl

Volume 14

In this volume we present the otherworldly images by US photographer Dave Earl.

Using a variety of techniques such as infrared, pinhole, long exposure, and intentional camera movement, he presents to the viewer a very unique examination of the human figure that is truly mesmerizing to view.

Fabio Interra

Volume 15

In this volume we present the stunning self-portraits by Italian photographer Fabio Interra.

The subject of connecting with nature and all that goes with it, the suffering, the hyper-realism male nudes as beautiful as a female one!

Debora Barnaba

Volume 16

In this volume we present the wonderful self-portraits by Italian photographer Debora Barnaba.

Debora’s artistic nude can be described in different ways, as it can evoke different emotions.
Just by going through her photos, something gets to you. The first time I saw them I got a weird, intense feeling. I was intrigued, with a deeply intimate feeling that at the same time I knew could be shared by any human being.

Philip Turner

Volume 17

In this volume we present the splendid oder water images by US photographer Philip Turner.

Former museum curator, commercial advertising and fashion photographer who worked out of a studio in San Francisco in the 80’s Philip presents a very beautiful series in nature, occasionally with distant shots where the muses blend into the landscapes almost disappearing.

Cristina Malcisi

Volume 18

In this volume we present the beautiful nude self-portraits by Italian photographer Cristina Malcisi.

Mark Barzman

Volume 19

In this volume we present s series of beautiful nude art images by US photographer Mark Barzman.

Philippe Remy

Volume 20

In this volume we present the male nude art images by Belgian photographer Philippe Remy.

Giacomo Leoncini

Volume 21

In this volume we present the punk nude art images by Italian photographer Giacomo Leoncini.

Nicola Bruschi

Volume 22

In this volume we present the nude art images by Italian photographer Nicola Bruschi.

Tito Ghiglione

Volume 23

In this volume we present the analog nude art images by Italian photographer Tito Ghiglione.

Dana Richardson

Volume 24

In this volume we present the erotic nude art images by Canadian photographer Dana Richardson.

Debora Ottaviani

Volume 25

In this volume we present the nude art images by emerging Italian photographer Debora Ottaviani.

Curtis Joe Walker

Volume 26

In this volume we present the Instax nude art images by US photographer Curtis Joe Walker.

Todd Follett

Volume 27

In this volume we present the nude art images by emergin US photographer Todd Follett.

Scott Kuckler

Volume 28

In this volume we present the nude art images by US photographer Scott Kuckler.

Gilles Herbin

Volume 29

In this volume we present the nude art projections by French photographer Gilles Herbin.

Lyudmila Semenova

Volume 30

In this volume we present the nude art images by Russian photographer/artist Lyudmila Semenova.

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