Best of 2021

a nudeartzine book

Cover ph © Michael Biczo

Cover ph © Michael Biczo

At the end of 2021 Amazon introduced the option to print hardcover books; after having seen a test print for my other project “Histoires”, I decided to create Best of 2021 hoping to make it as big as possible and to offer it as hardcover.

In this book we collected a selection of the best images published on our “nudeartzine get noticed!” Flickr group in 2021.

Images fall in various genres of nude art and created by professionals and amateurs photographers from all over the world.

It’s a massive 228 pages including 175 stunning images created by 37 photographers from 12 countries; images are presented just like in an art galley.

Selected authors: Ian Allaway, Chris Beattie, Franck Belle, Dave Belsham, Michael Biczo, Maxime Brodeur, Nicola Bruschi, Davide C, Jean-Pierre Charbonnot, Dave Earl, Elements of this world, Ola Flåten, Ugo Grandolini, Barry Hall, Ifig, Kaneda Katsuragi, Günter Körtner, Marek Kusmin, Steve Lease, Sue Lott, Dwayne Martin, Dr Max, Eddie May, Paul McIvor, Andy Moss, Johan Pabon, JW Purdy, Ray Rapkerg , Matthew Richards, Dana Richardson, Giovanni Salinardi, Siegfried Schleich, Dave Tunstall, Stéphane Vasco, Doyle Wesley Walls, Marc J. Wrzesinski, Katerina Yakyamseva.
Title Best of 2021 a nudeartzine book
Format Paperback Hardcover
ISBN-13 979-8411984439 979-8796859735
Language English
Paperback 228 pages 228 pages
Item Weight 667 g - 1.47 pounds 649 g - 1.43 pounds
Dimensions 21.59 x 1.37 x 27.94 cm - 8.5 x 0.54 x 11 inches 20.96 x 1.85 x 27.94 cm - 8.25 x 0.73 x 11 inches
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