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Nofification of the deactivation

Nofification of the deactivation


On June 18, 2021, after less than one month of activity, Instagram decided to close our @nudeartzine account without providing any reason. We tried to recover the account but never heard back from them :-(

There we were initially re-posting images (found on in IG!) from photographers we were hoping to publish in the zine: after a while IG started randomly removing our posts...

After the first few issues of the zine were available, we were posting on IG censored (sigh) images published in the zines.

More or less at the same time my photographer account was placed in shadowban so, at the end I decided to close it. Now I use a private account just to contact candidate models for my images and share all my nude art on Flickr – yes, I know, on Flickr there is some porn, exhibitionists and non-sense images but at least the platform is free of censorship (so far) and I think everyone should be able to choose who to follow and what to look at.

Not to mention that I also discovered several great photographers that keep inspiring me and are also nice people to talk with – contrarily to IG where you must have 1.000.000 followers or you are not even considered...

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