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Why I like Flickr more than other photography platforms?

Well there are several reasons:

  • There is no need to censor the images! I only need to categorize them as: safe, moderate or restricted; then Flickr will take care to show the images accordingly to the age of the user browsing the platform;
  • I can upload high resolution images in the original proportions I created them;
  • The platform is FREE to use for the first 1000 images I upload – more than enough for several years for my use;
  • After one year I use Flickr I found out that there is no such eager to get “a like for a like” or “a follow for a follow” as it happens in many other platforms;
  • There are several great photographers that do photography (and not showing what they are eating at the restaurant :-) that keep inspiring me and my work.

What I do not like so much:

  • There are a bit too many exhibitionists and non-sense images but I guess this is the price we have to pay to be in censorship free platform;
  • I wish Flickr will implement a chat system: getting in touch with other users sending messages in the actual system is not the best way to be organized.

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