Interview with:
Dwayne Martin

Dwayne Martin

Where are you born and when?

I was born in Deland Florida in 1973

Where do you live?

I now live in Sarasota Florida and I’ve been here since 2008.

When and how do you start your path in photography?

That must have been when I was in my early 20s, I’ve always been a surfer and I loved to hang the center poster from Surfer Magazine in my room. Each poster was in color but on the back side there was always a BW photograph of a beautiful wave. I always hung that’s side, so I guess it must have been then that I realized I love BW photography. I wouldn’t pick up a camera for a decade after that though.
I discovered a edgy art nude magazine around 1999 or so, and I was fascinated by it. Right after that I discovered Helmut Newton.

Who were the three photographers that inspired you at the beginning and who are the three ones that inspire you now?
Please add links to the pages where the images are shown.

My main inspiration in the beginning was Helmut for sure, these days there are so many great shooters out there It would be really hard to name three. I of course love the work of the all analog shooters.

Do you went to a school or are you a self-taught?

I never went to school but I did hire a teacher to teach me the basics of photography.
I actually dated a woman who was a professor of photography at a major college but it was before I ever realized I wanted to be a photographer, I feel like I missed a good opportunity there...

Do you create as a professional or for yourselves?

I shoot for the fun of it but I will one day sell my prints. I spend evenings in the darkroom making them.

What do you like in photography, what is your motivation?

My motivation is to shoot a nude that is so classy someone would hang it on their wall.

What do you want to express or arouse in those who watch your images?

Really just the amazing beauty of a woman.

What are your preferred moment(s) in the creation process?

I enjoy working with the models, I never have much time with them so when I can get on the same page with them and create something we both like I really enjoy it.

What equipment and/or techniques do you use?

It is not a matter of brands/lenses, it is mostly about analog/digital, preferred light (natural/flash), how much post-production, etc.

My main rig is a speed graphic with a aero Ektar mounted in a Ilex five shutter, that gives me shutter speeds of 1sec-1/1000 of a sec. I also shoot a Pentax 67 a lot. I’m a collector of vintage cameras so I have most any camera you could hope for.
it is not a matter of brands/lenses, it is mostly about analog/digital, preferred light (natural/flash), how much post-production, etc.
I always shoot in natural light. As a rule I don’t do anything in photoshop that I can’t do in the darkroom. Actually the lion share of work in photoshop is getting rid of all the dust that seems to be impossible to avoid otherwise.

What do you think about the fact that nowadays photography is mostly enjoyed on the Internet?

It is great to see art from all over the world for sure but I’m afraid the art of print making may be slipping.

Why you decided to join the nudeartzine project?

One does enjoy being published in print!

Would you have a tip or advice to give to whom ever is watching your work and wants to learn photography?

Throw away the digital camera, film will make you a lot better because you will have to work, think and plan way more. Also you will be left with a negative that will last forever. And for some of you stop using absurd amounts of high pass filter...

What are your plans in the future?

Not sure actually but I may shift more to landscapes eventually, COVID has made it difficult to find models...

On what page our readers can find more of your work?

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