Interview with:
Dana Richardson

Cover of Volume 24

Where are you born and when?

Fort Erie ON Canada

Where do you live?

toronto Canada

When and how do you start your path in photography?

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic which i received as a present at a very early age. I got my first SLR as a teenager and spent some time in the dark room, which i absolutely hated. I still have no patience for analogue protocols, rooms dimly illuminated by red lights, or depending on others to process, contact and produce film images.

Who were the three photographers that inspired you at the beginning and who are the three ones that inspire you now?
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Danny Lyon, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton
Araki, Ellen Von Unwerth, Tina Modotti

Did you go to a school or are you a self-taught?


Do you make photography as a living?

i work as a film and television technician

What do you like in photography, what is your motivation?

expressing my thoughts and emotions around the subjects of contemporary sex and sexuality

What do you want to express or arouse in those who watch your images?

artists have no control over how their work effects others, but i would hope they see both the power and the vulnerability of my subjects through the rapport that was cultivated during the course of the shoot...

What are your preferred moment(s) in the creation process?


What are your three most representative images, and why?
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not applicable

What equipment and/or techniques do you use?

It is not a matter of brands/lenses, it is mostly about analog/digital, preferred light (natural/flash), how much post-production, etc.

most often i shoot with a Nikon D3s DSLR
there is flash or continuous artificial light sources in 85% of my photographs

How and why your work as changed since you started?

nude photography can be painless with the right collaborators and locations...getting there is the trick...

What do you think about the fact that nowadays photography is mostly enjoyed on the Internet?

the internet has provided a great deal of exposure for all kinds of creative individuals, especially photographers...easy access has it shortcomings ...there is a dumbing down of what makes a great photograph and besides you can only really appreciate a great work of art when it’s before your very eyes, in person

Why did you decide to join the nudeartzine project?

I respond well to individuals who take interest in my images

Would you have an insight or advice to give to whomever is watching your work and wants to learn photography?

shoot what makes you happy...

What are your plans in the future?

my next sessions are scheduled for Hawaii in October ’21

On what page our readers can find more of your work?

Would you like to add something else?

thank you for your kind support

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