Interview with:
Adalberto Zanella

Adalberto Zanella

Where are you born and when?

In Vicenza, Italy in 1971

Where do you live?

In Vicenza

When and how do you start your path in photography?

On February 14 in Barcelona in a very special and fun situation
Let’s just say I was lucky enough not to start the classic way with landscapes and flowers.

Who were the three photographers that inspired you at the beginning and who are the three ones that inspire you now?
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Certainly Helmut Newton, Jan Saudek and La Chapelle, but also Man Ray and Ansel Adams
My references still remain.

Did you go to a school or are you a self-taught?

Initially I took a basic course in photography, then I bought hundreds of books on photography and started copying to understand. I have taken many courses in photography over the years especially on post-production.

Do you make photography as a living?

I am not a professional photographer.

What do you like in photography, what is your motivation?

Photography for me is evasion and a possibility of expression.

What do you want to express or arouse in those who watch your images?

Creating something that is rather interesting, not so much beautiful.
I am more interested in taking good pictures than nice pictures.

What are your preferred moment(s) in the creation process?

The moment when I conceive the idea of what it is I want to create, and I begin to see the gears in my head that move to make it happen: it is an epiphany.

What equipment and/or techniques do you use?

It is not a matter of brands/lenses, it is mostly about analog/digital, preferred light (natural/flash), how much post-production, etc.

I have a professional camera because even if many of my works will be alive on the web, the high resolution allows me to work in detail with greater precision and a room equipped with 3 flashes: 2 with 180 cm slim bank and one with 80 cm beauty dish, I believe.

How and why your work as changed since you started?

It has happened in many ways in these 22 years.
From the beginning I tried to create analog images that recalled Man Ray and De Chirico, as a concept, the biggest change ever came with the transition to digital because it allowed me to give shape to my ideas little by little. and dare more and more.
Some of the works chosen for this magazine are dated, but I have never denied them because they are part of my growth path.
Because it is not a career, I am not bound to “show only perfectly successful things”.
This is my way of portraying, I don’t need to please others, obviously I appreciate compliments, as well as criticisms that allow me to grow, but I don’t live for the approval.

What do you think about the fact that nowadays photography is mostly enjoyed on the Internet?

Internet is the cross and delight of images:
I know I’m not very original by saying that the quantity of images has increased, but certainly not the quality: the greater facilitation allowed by modern means has meant that even unconvinced people approach photography.
The modern software of the cameras, but also the smartphones themselves, automatically make a presentable photo come out by now basic: technically it is no longer necessary to have the basics of exposure and focus, so it is believed that neither balance nor composition are needed.
Furthermore, the lack of artistic culture means that everyone sees their images as the fruit of a genius, without realising that very often they are banal and overwhelming.

Why did you decide to join the nudeartzine project?

I am always available to talk about photography and to compare myself with others.
Furthermore, like all actors, I try to cultivate a healthy narcissism, so I like the idea of ​​making my works more visible.
And then, let’s face it: the printed word still has a charm which no screen is yet able to achieve and I hope it’ll never will.

Would you have an insight or advice to give to whomever is watching your work and wants to learn photography?

To those who look at my work, the only advice I can give is to take them lightly: I’m not a sacred monster to be taken seriously.
For those who want to learn, the advice is the same as for anyone who approaches a new adventure: curiosity, humility and desire to grow.
Do not stop at the tutorials: compare yourself with real people, take courses and always look for someone who knows more than you to compare yourself: I have learned a lot from criticism and never from compliments.

What are your plans in the future?

At the moment I’m carrying out a series “A brand new ancient mythology” in which I review the ancient myths in an ironic key.
I recently realised that I was influenced by Damien Hirst for this project, but that’s fine: I love being contaminated by any type of art for my ideas
My next projects will depend on the next ideas that come to my mind.

On what page our readers can find more of your work?

On my site that I try to keep more or less updated:

Would you like to add something else?

Nothing special except to thank Nudeartzine for this possibility
Thank you very much from my heart.

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